Maximum Crash is a digital production studio run by Rejon Taylor-Foster. We design and develop interactive experiences including but not limited to Games, Apps, and Websites.


Humble beginnings

Maximum Crash is both a person and a company. Maximum Crash was started back in Rejon's high school days in Mount Vernon, NY. For Rejon, Maximum Crash was a way of getting recognized for his freelance graffiti graphic design work. As his skills and projects grew in size so did the company and it's efforts.

Collaborative efforts

Over the years Maximum Crash has collaborated with a number of institutions and companies to produce fun and engaging media. Folks like Petricore Games, Mass DiGI, The Silicon Valley Foundation, and the Worcester Bravehearts just to name a few.

Making the world a better place

One of Maximum Crash's primary objectives is to lower the bar of entry for Underserved and At-Risk communities to create and engage different technologies. In Rejon's spare time, he's taught children and adults how to develop games, make websites, and get started in the world of coding. Rejon has also gone to be recognized by the National Society of Black Engineers for his efforts.



Worcester Bravhearts: Bravehearts DerbyYouTube

Petricore/Mass DiGI: Lotto' BoxesYouTube

Awards & Recognition

  • "Recognition" National Societ of Black Engineers, Boston, MA, July, 2017
  • "Best College Beta/Near Release Category" Mass DiGI, Boston, MA, 9 February, 2015
  • "2nd Place - Paracentric" Becker College 24 Hour Game Challenge, October, 2013

Selected Articles

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Rejon Taylor-Foster
CEO, Developer/Designer, Maximum Crash