Becker Derby is an intergalatic one touch homerun derby to go featuring Becker College's one and only Hank the Hawk. Players are tasked with enduring gravity bent pitches, crowds of SEEGull agents, and fighting against a dark dimensional force only known as the Void. With some advice from @regalSeagull194, players may stand a chance against the Void's retro dimensional universes filled with failed experiments and trapped invaders.


Becker Derby is the collaborative efforts of Maximum Crash, Mass DiGI and the Becker College atheletics department to bring students and fans a tried and true baseball experience. To kick off excitement for the project, Maximum Crash began an on-campus ARG (Alternate Reality Game) in February of 2017. The ARG was a means of giving hints to the plot and how it's tied with the fated "Starlot Derby". With a twitter bot named @regalSeagull194, players were able to track it's posts, reply, and obtain more clues to the project that was brewing. The concept for Becker Derby's plot elements are a way of tying all past and present Starlot Derby games together (ie. Bravehearts Derby). Different games, different univiverses, same conflicts. Inside the app and on @regalSeagull194's twitter, committed players can use clues to piece together the fate of the voided Starlot Derby universe, the Solarin pitchers that once in-habited it, and what the future of the Starlot Universe holds.


  • Endless homerun derby featuring Hank the Hawk and his gravity warped pitches.
  • Explosive bat swings
  • Retro fever games "Rally Love" and "Breakout the Invaders"
  • Stackable power ups like exploding birds, forgiven strikes, double homeruns, and much more.
  • A Challenge mode custom seed generator for endless fun.
  • In-Game stats, leaderboards, and unlockable achievements.
  • Screenshot selfie of your high score to share with friends.


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Patch Notes Blog
Alternate Reality Game Progress
A player's findings so far

About Maximum Crash

Maximum Crash is a digital production studio run by Rejon Taylor-Foster. We design and develop interactive experiences including but not limited to Games, Apps, and Websites.
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Becker Derby Credits

Rejon Taylor-Foster
Project Lead, Developer, Gameplay/Graphic/Sound Designer, Musician
Max Farinato
Lead Artist
Renzo G Heredia
Music Composer
Jesse Martin
Sound Effects
Cool Kids Club Testers
Jacqueline Gavin, Christopher Bruno, Rachel Taylor, Jarron E, Jaykob, Jasih, Khamisi